Shaving Smooth

The best way to shave

It is not unusual for men to have difficulties when it comes to their daily shaving routine. Unfortunately, numerous men experience side effects such as abrasions and irritation and even cuts. If this is your case as well, you should know that these side effects can be caused either by some mistakes in your shaving routine or by the incorrect use of the shaving razor. If you wet your face before you shave, use enough shaving gel and use enough after-shave gel, then you are not committing any mistakes in the shaving routine; this means that you are simply using the wrong shaving razor and you should gather some more information on how to make the right choice.


By doing some additional reading on the topic, you will understand that there are two types of shaving razors available on the market that have gained a lot of attention: the safety razor and the straight razor. The safety razor is an easy to use razor that doesn’t require much skill from the user, a type of shaving razor that will basically do all its job without too much effort from your part. The safety razor does all the work by itself as long as you pay a little bit of attention to what you are doing. The straight razor is a more difficult to use one, as this type of razor requires pressure from the user. You will basically have to apply pressure when the blade hits the face if you want an excellent outcome. Since this increases the risk of cuts, this is a type of razor that is only recommended to those who are experienced and skilled; as a result of this, the straight razor is usually preferred by professional barbers.

What you need to understand is that there is no such thing as a great way to shave; there is only the use of the right razor. If you use a razor that you can easily handle, then you are shaving in a great way. It is as simple as that! All specialists recommend those who have issues with cuts, abrasions and irritation to direct their attention to the use of the right shaving razor and to make sure that they are using a tool they can easily handle. This will absolutely reduce the risk of side effects and the outcome will be a nice, smooth skin. Make a very good choice according to your skills!